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First Nations

Progressive Ventures has been working with First Nations groups since its inception in 1973.  We have strong working relationships with most local groups, complete many projects for them, have MOU's for working together, have formal joint ventures and limited partnerships and hire many First Nations to work in various positions within Progressive Ventures.

One of our cornerstone values is local procurement and hiring.  Due to the nature of where we work, simply by virtue of who lives there, by default we purchase from First Nations groups and hire First Nations employees rout

Our formal partnerships include:

  • Limited Partnership with the Haisla Nation for construction work in the Haisla Territory (Kitimat area)
  • Limited Patnership with the Iskut Band for work in Tahltan Territory (Dease Lake area)
  • Joint Ventures with the Kitselas Band for heavy civil work in Kitselas Territory (Terrace area)

We are active participants in the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) program through the Government of Canada’s Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) branch.  Through this program we establish measurable skills development programs where we work collaboratively with HRSDC in providing meaningful employment to First Nations that advances them in a career, provides a specific skill, or completes an apprenticeship.  Through this program we not only employ First Nations but also assist them in the selection and attendance of ongoing professional trades programs with the end goal of ensuring we help produce top level trades people with a full Interprovincial Trade Certification.  

For more information on the ASETS program visit their website here.

I worked with PVL on a project retrofitting two three storey apartment buildings containing 44 suites. The retrofit involved stripping the buildings down to the framing and completely refinishing. PVL came to this project at a difficult time after it had been abandoned part way through and left in disarray. By being well organized and efficient PVL was able to get the project moving again for a reasonable cost and within a fairly short time frame. 

Erika Gerson, MAIBC
Boni Maddison