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In its simplest sense we build things. 

We like to build a whole variety of things and have been doing it since 1973.  We prefer to build big things like buildings but we don’t mind just coming to build a wall or a shelf.  We often pour concrete and we don’t mind to do a little footing but love most to do entire foundations, complex structures or fun things like fish spawning channel weirs.  We assemble steel structures, can move around small amounts of dirt (though when we are managing a large project we usually hire large scale earth moving equipment as a sub-trade), we arrange complex upgrades to infrastructure in industrial settings, we can finish interiors, install drywall (or just about anything else you want), we put roofs on, we build structures on remote mountain sides…"we build things."




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I worked with PVL on a project retrofitting two three storey apartment buildings containing 44 suites. The retrofit involved stripping the buildings down to the framing and completely refinishing. PVL came to this project at a difficult time after it had been abandoned part way through and left in disarray. By being well organized and efficient PVL was able to get the project moving again for a reasonable cost and within a fairly short time frame. 

Erika Gerson, MAIBC
Boni Maddison