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Group Leadership & History

Group Leadership & History

The Progressive Ventures Group of companies is owned by Darcy McKeown. 

It began with Darcy's grandfather in the 1950s, where he started and operated a building supplies store in Terrace BC. Later, his father created Progressive Ventures Construction and invested in commercial land in 1972. Darcy grew up in the family business and took it over formally as the president in 2008.  He has since then grown and diversified the business into the following divisions that support and meet the needs of the expanding construction industry and economy of the Northwest.




I worked with PVL on a project retrofitting two three storey apartment buildings containing 44 suites. The retrofit involved stripping the buildings down to the framing and completely refinishing. PVL came to this project at a difficult time after it had been abandoned part way through and left in disarray. By being well organized and efficient PVL was able to get the project moving again for a reasonable cost and within a fairly short time frame. 

Erika Gerson, MAIBC
Boni Maddison