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Company Overview

Progressive Ventures Construction Ltd. was formed in 1972. We are a Bonded General Contractor with experience in all types of project delivery including public tender, construction management and design build. We service commercial, industrial, institutional, mining, oil and gas, transportation, utility, and other sectors throughout northwest BC for many clients. See Construction Projects for our client list and a small sample of our current and past projects in the northwest.

Our Team

The Progressive Ventures team brings in-depth experience in commercial and industrial construction to all their projects. They are a dynamic in their knowledge and experience bringing exceptional standards that is extremely valued in our mission of providing quality services.

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At Progressive Ventures Ltd. our employees are our most valuable asset and their health and safety are of primary importance. The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it is given priority over operating productivity where necessary. To the greatest degree possible, management provides all mechanical and physical facilities required for personal safety and health in keeping with the highest standards.

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Environmental Policy

Through out the Northern BC and the Yukon, Progressive Ventures supports all activities in a manner that minimizes environmental impacts, conserves natural resources and provides effective stewardship of the environment. It is an integrel component of our core values and culture inall our projects.

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First Nations Partnerships

Progressive Ventures' service area (Northwestern BC) is home to many First Nations.  We have been working with local First Nations since our inception in 1972 and have strong, long term working relationships with many.  In addition to our business partnerships we have many First Nations employees.

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Our active memberships in organizations that require very high standards in their respective fields, ensures high quality delivery of your project.

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Corporate Profile

We are a multi-disciplinary, family owned general contractor based in Northwest BC since 1972. We construct buildings, install civil infrastructure, build roads, supply and erect metal buildings, offer trucking and logistics, and install industrial security fencing. 

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Projects, Events, & Activities

Check out Progressive Ventures Construction activities, from project developments to community event participation. 

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I worked with PVL on a project retrofitting two three storey apartment buildings containing 44 suites. The retrofit involved stripping the buildings down to the framing and completely refinishing. PVL came to this project at a difficult time after it had been abandoned part way through and left in disarray. By being well organized and efficient PVL was able to get the project moving again for a reasonable cost and within a fairly short time frame. 

Erika Gerson, MAIBC
Boni Maddison