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Hatha Callis


Business Development Manager

Hatha's years of experience in business and development in the Northwest, has cemented him as an integral team member in Progressive Ventures.

His strength in building strong partnerships and connections, blended with his excellent ability to communicate clearly and effectively has established a large clientele network throughout the northwest region of British Columbia.

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Experience / Business Involvement:

• 14 years logistics and operations management, 7 years business ownership
• Manages the commercial properties owned by Progressive Ventures
• Coordinates Progressive Ventures’ marketing, PR, and communications

Educational Background:

  • Business Management and Marketing

The work was conducted in an efficient and timely manner, and the project was completed on schedule and within budget.  This project was very successful due to the open communication and team approach by all parties involved.  It was also completed in a sensitive manner, minimizing interruptions to the daily operations of the staff.

Paul Estlin, Project Coordinator, Workers’ Compensation Board