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Social and Environmental Policy

Environmental Values

Progressive Ventures Construction was the first company to construct a Gold LEED certified building in BC’s northwest.  We have delivered decades of projects throughout Northwestern BC and have the local knowledge and experience to understand the surrounding environment and design buildings that suit the environment.  We have demonstrated a proven ability to apply national concepts such as Gold LEED certification to the local environment. In a remote area this can be extremely difficult and expensive for contractors not familiar with the local supply chain.  We consistently deliver environmentally sensitive projects under budget


Our environmental protection program is comprised of reducing our use of resources, preventing harm, and being prepared for accidents.

We have a full equipment maintenance program that specifically targets systems that contain fluids or harmful products to ensure there are no spills or leaks.  Additionally, we have enhanced operating procedures specifically designed for the handling of hazardous materials.  Part of this program is the usual Transportation of Dangerous Goods program and WHMIS program.

On heavy equipment work we have stringent environmental controls in place to be sure we do no additional harm.  This includes not only the concerns outlined above regarding hazardous materials, but also operating procedures to ensure we do not damage the environment.  We ensure that our operations, at minimum, comply fully with Ministry of Environment’s standards.  This includes being sure there is a work plan that is approved by an appropriate authority and that operators are made aware of what the work plan entails.

We do our best to use as few resources as possible.  We do this by purchasing bulk materials from local sources as much as possible.  Additionally, we do this by using a local hiring policy so we have as many employees as possible living in the communities where the project is.  This prevents excessive greenhouse gas emissions from useless commuting and reduces costs.


We have a waste diversion program for our construction sites.  Where possible, we reuse construction materials or divert them to recycling programs.

We have a full spill response program that incorporates emergency response training, procedures for various possible environmental emergencies, and minimum requirements for spill response equipment.

The work was conducted in an efficient and timely manner, and the project was completed on schedule and within budget.  This project was very successful due to the open communication and team approach by all parties involved.  It was also completed in a sensitive manner, minimizing interruptions to the daily operations of the staff.

Paul Estlin, Project Coordinator, Workers’ Compensation Board